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November 3, 2009 at 10:38 am 1 comment

Hi. I’m laydee, or as I’m referred to by humans (or hoomans), Susan. I decided to “borrow” Loafy’s blog today to share the story of what happened this morning, because Loafy is too embarrassed to tell you. In fact, she’s still hiding under the bed and refuses to come out.

Anyway, I was taking a shower, and as Loafy and Ruckus like to do, they were hanging out by the bathroom (the door was open so they could come and go as they pleased- they like to sleep in the sink while we shower and get ready for work). I turned off the water and got out the shower, moving the curtain so the tile would dry.

I’m in my room, getting dressed when I hear a big SPLASH!

I assume it’s Ruckus, grab my phone (my camera was in the other room) and run in the bathroom, expecting to see Ruckus in the tub, because she likes to swim.

Oh no, it wasn’t Ruckus.

It was Loafy!. She jumped into the tub, when it still had water in it. She jumped out too fast for me to get a picture of her in the water, but here are her little paw prints:


And, she let me take a picture of her legs, which are wet to prove she jumped in the tub!

wet loafy
Look at the puddle under her paw! Look at the wet fur! Oh, did I also mention I took a video of her shaking off the water? No? Well, I did!

Poor kitty. Anyway, I’ll let her get back to her blog, once she gets out from under the bed, that is.
July82009 001


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Ruckus really loves laydee’s feet Uh, no.

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  • 1. rich  |  November 3, 2009 at 10:51 am

    HAHAHA!!! This is so hilarious! I picture meatloafy shocked after realizing that there’s still water on the tub! XD

    I hope loafy will come out under the bed pretty soon. XD


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