Another vet visit!

August 31, 2009 at 3:52 pm 2 comments

So Ruckus and I were just sitting there, kinda like this, when laydee told us we had to go to the vet together.
Appawently, Ruckus was sick. We’d both been adopted from the shelter, as we’ve discussed before. Laydee told us that she must’ve gotten sick at the shelter and it wasn’t a problem until now.

So, laydee called the vet and made us an appointment.
She made us get into the same big traveling cage. I didn’t like it last time, if you remember.

Well, Ruckus decided to just fall asleep in the verry back, leaving me to do all the whining myself.

See? she’s just sleeping.

Well, we got to the vet and there were two little kids and their puppy in the waiting room. They really liked me! Ruckus was sleeping, so they ignored her, LOL!

Well, Laydee got us into the room and they took us to be weighed. I wasn’t nervous, but Ruckus was. She was really freaked out.

I was sitting on top of my cage, waiting for the doctor to come in.

Laydee put Ruckus in the sink to calm her down. I don’t know why this works, buy laydee always says that putting Ruckus in the sink makes her calm. And it really does work!

Here we are, waiting for the doctor.


Well, they came in, said we we’re OK-ish, but gave us each a shot that would kill whatever wormys we had. So then laydee put us back in the cage, and we headed back home.


(Ruckus was still sleeping in the back).


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Ruckus’s newest sleep spot! I iz doctor

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  • 1. rich  |  August 31, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    LOL XD that’s funny! I thought your laydee’s going to have hard time cause she’s taking the two of you at once. I never thought Ruckus will be so well behaved! 🙂 but even though you’re whining and all, I still love meatloafy! ^^

    I wonder what’s the connection between Ruckus and the sink too. I’m curious why she likes the sink so much…

  • 2. @ShawneeShep  |  August 31, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    I cannot halp but notice how nicely your travelling cage color coordinates wif your vet’s office decor. Just woofin.


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