I wants to be a sewious meowporter!

July 15, 2009 at 1:07 pm 1 comment

Mah new friend dobie_evgeni interviewed me on Monday. And it really made me thinks- I wants to be a meowporter too!

Sos, I decided I would start wif mah Aunite Cherrow and asks her some questions.
That is laydee on the left and auntie on the right.

Dis is mah list of questions:
1. What’s your name and how do you know me?
2. Who’s your favorite, me or Ruckus?
3. What’s your favorite color?
4. Favorite movie?
5. Favorite band?
6. Favorite sister, who is mah owner?
7. Do you likes to shop?
8. Do you likes to give me gifts?
9. What is your favorite pickture?
10. Send me a link to something you visit a lot.
11. Your turn to write something you want.

These were Auntie Cherrow’s answers:

Hello Meaty!

1. You know me as ‘Auntie Cherrow’ but most humans refer to me as ‘Cher.’ I know you because you and your sister are my cat-nieces! (Your mommy is my baby sister.)

2. You are both my favorite, for different reasons. Ruckus is fun to play fetch with and you are fun to take outside(although not so fun when you try to shimmy out of your harness!). You both are my favorite kitties to give treats to!

3. My favorite color is yellow, because it’s so sunny and happy. I think you would look quite fetching with a yellow collar….after Ruckus chews off the leopard print one you are currently sporting.

4. I can’t even think of a movie I like. I haven’t watched any movies lately, sadly. I’ve been reading so much (I work in a library, where there are lots of books!) I am working my way through Julia Child’s My Life in France and just finished a recent translation of Anna Karenina. Next up, I’ll be perusing Eat. Shop. Chicago. because my parents are coming to visit and they like to eat AND shop. Meaty,  you could work in a library too, just like Dewey.

5. Right now, I’m listening to Sam Philips. You would like her…She has a soothing voice, nice for sensitive kitty ears. Meow loudly until your momma buys one of her CDs for you!

6. That wasn’t really a question. Is your momma “helping” you skew this interview? 😉

7. I like to shop for shoes and kitty presents. In fact, I save all my milk rings for you to wear so you can be the best-dressed kitty in your house. You must take them, since I have no room to store milk rings. I need all the room I can get for my shoes.
This is not my closet, but illustrates my problem. I have twice as many shoes as shown here, and about half the amount of storage. You can only come to visit me if you promise not to ‘nom’ on my shoes!

8. Of course I do! I want to buy you a tiny backpack for when you and Ruckus come to visit me, so you have a place to put your treats and toys.

9. My favorite picture is Champs de Mars: The Red Tower by Robert Delaunay, however my favorite picture of YOU is the one where you look like a drunken Homer Simpson hanging out in the sink, desperate for a drink. 🙂

10. Well, I visit YOUR blog a lot! I also like Historical Tweets. I’m addicted to Korean TV, especially Korean dramas (known as K-Dramas) so I read Dramabeans every day. Jason Mraz’s blog is always so positive and uplifting as well as humorous…and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a hottie!

11. I love the Loafy!!! Come and visit me in Chicago, soon! I have a giant window, with a very wide and comfortable window sill, you can sit in it aaalllllllllllllllllll day long.


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  • 1. rich  |  July 15, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    wow! you can be a meowpoter! ^^ looks like your aunt cherrow loves you so much too… ^^

    we have similarities… I’m also into k-dramas… ^^


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